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We buy 100+ Unit Multifamily Assets
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As real estate syndicators, we create investment opportunities that otherwise wouldn't exist. We find assets where we can force the value upwards by making improvements to the tenant lifestyle.
These improvements can range from renovating interiors, building a pool, adding a playground, creating a dog run, updating exteriors, adding community events and more.
This new value is returned to investors via an annual preferred return as well as during refinance or sell. At Longview, we project all of our acquisitions as 5-20 year holds, so you will achieve cash flow over the long term.
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What it's like

Longview isn't just a company, it's a family.

Forrest Knight, Founder

What we focus on

We aim to build strong relationships, everything else will follow.

Travis Egenberg, Founder

How we do it

We have to stick to our numbers, in a hot market everyone wants to buy. We make smart long term choices.

Tony Lin, Founder

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

In any market, deals aren't just found, they are made.

We’re Transparent

We provide timely and constant updates to our partners.

We're Fresh

We're taking on the multifamily real estate business in new and exciting ways.
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